Standing Committees

PEOPL Commitee

Committee of 12 persons elected at State Convention. In charge of coming up with questions for candidates derived from the party platform and the 15 principles then deliver all of the answers to the delegates before nominating convention.  

SCC Committee

The SCC is the legislative arm of the party. Consisting of representatives from the County levels. As a check upon the State Executive officials. 

Rules Committee

Committee of six persons being elected to either enforce the bylaws of the party, or the ones that drafts any changes that are submitted to them for the next State Convention or executive meetings. to be voted upon. 

Issues Committee

Consists of three appointments from the Executive Leadership, and three appointments from the SCC Committee. Their duty is to work with both branches of the State party as well as the Rules Committee when issues arise that the party must solve. Issues that involve a vote from the party as a whole. 

Membership Committee

A Committee consisting of 12 appointments, 6 from the executive and 6 appointments from the SCC. The purpose is to keep party unity, membership retention, fund raising, and growth of the party.