Regarding the voter fraud. Please donate what you can, we intend to fight all forms of voter fraud, and voter suppression. Everyone's right to vote is the most basic of rights, and the last check that we the people have on our own government. More information is coming  soon. 

Utah County Voter Fraud 1

In this video employees in the Utah County Elections office lied about the law, and admitted to their violating the law that was passed in 2015 by the former State Rep. Fred Cox SB0177. It also has Bryan Thompson defend candidate John Curtis against the truthful claim about being the most corrupt man, as well as promises to rectify their mistake regarding this violation of the law.

Utah County Voter Fraud 2

The State of Utah and the County of Utah has been trying to  suppress the fastest growing political party from the ballot box. If these corrupt individuals are not stopped and thrown into jail, they will succeed. In fact after I shut off this video is when the deputy sheriff attempted to ban me from the county building.