In the spirit of George Washington. We as Independent Americans seek out for  principled people to run for public office. If it may be our family members, our neighbors, our friends at work or at school. Those that will be faithful to the Constitution, and the principles of Freedom that made this Country great. Let us legalize the age old concept of, government of the people, by the people, and for the people once more.  

PEOPL Committee

People Electing Only Principled Leaders

Here at the Independent American Party we have a committee of 12 persons elected at the State and County Convention every two years. Their sole job is to properly vette all the candidates running from year to year with questions comprised from the platform of our party and the 15 principles. Then display all of those questions and answers to the Delegates before Nominating Convention. During municipal election years those questions and answers are to be displayed in a manner for all the public to see.   

Caucus and Convention

Here at the Independent American Party, we support the caucus and convention system. The Caucus and Convention system is the best way that all peoples can have a voice in politics. It is where you and your neighbors can gather at your local precincts and elect delegates to speak for the entire precinct at the county and state nominating conventions. Candidates and elected officials must answer to the delegates. Something that separates us from other parties is that we have a the ultimate goal to break this process down to the local neighborhood block levels. The best way to govern is to start as local and basic as possible, then move up from there.