12 PEOPL Process Certified Candidates

Warren Rodgers - Candidate for House District 68


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Website: http://warrenrogers.org/

All good things come from God. God blesses us with good things because we obey some standard or principle. Good government is a blessing to all the people in the community, so the more the citizens in general do their duties as citizens, the more good government God gives them. Therefore, the role of wise and righteous political leaders is to encourage all citizens to do their duties as citizens. Regardless of whether or not I am elected to the Utah State House of Representatives, I will encourage other citizens to learn their duties and do them. The numbers below indicate which of the fifteen principles of the IAP my words relate to.


There are eternal, universal, and objective principles that distinguish between right from wrong. These principles apply to all persons in private life and to their actions as citizens or government officers. To have a true republic or democracy, we need wide spread obediance to rules that we have no practical way of enforcing, so we need citizens who expect God to hold them accountable.


The declaration of independence, is correct in asserting that rights come from God. It follows that if any person claims that he or she has a right to something, we ought to reject that claim unless the person can show us somehow that he has that right by the will of God. Legislators and citizens can decide what standards their community will enforce, but votes have no effect on what standards are just, or morally right.


Nowdays, defending freedom of religion is the Lord's top political priority. I believe this because in recent years talks in General Conference, and articles in the Ensign adressing religious liberty and religious tolerance, have been much more frequent than they were before. Furthermore, providing a place where people could live their religion without fear of persecution, especially persecution from government, is the reason why the Lord established the United States of America in the first place. If the citizens of the United States now allow their country to turn against freedom of religion, it would make sense for the Lord to throw the United States in the garbage hust as it would make sense for a person to discard a refigerator that no longer kept food cold.


The U.S. Constition provides for a federal system in which some governing functions are performed by the federal government, while other functions are performed by the individual states. While using the powers reserved to them, states are not subject to any regulation or control by the federal government.


Under the U.S. Constitution, state governments are to collect their own taxes to meet their own expenses. Members of Congress who vote for the Federal government to fund a state government are in violation of their oath to support the U.S. Constitution. State legislators who accept money that Congress provides to their state are in violation of their oath to support the U.S. Constitution.

Keith R. Kelsch - Candidate for House District 75


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Keith Kelsch

I am running for Utah House District 75 because liberty is under threat of seizure. I see liberty as the hand that adds value. It begins with individual liberty and extends to community liberty. People do not understand that individual liberty is lost when we lose community liberty first. It always works that way, statist and controlling politicians come and take our community liberty away first, and next is our individual liberty. It always works like that, which is why I defend both. We have lost a great deal of community liberty to the state and national governments in the areas of health, education, and welfare. The takeover has continued into commerce, environment, land, and so much more. We care less for each other locally because so much local responsibility has been taken over by outside agents. This is a threat to local culture, local voice, and local innovation. Being a defender of liberty means so much more these days. It means that you need to stand up for your the self-determination of your people and for individual rights. Please follow me at genuineoptimist.com. Listen to my weekly podcast and learn about the coming renaissance.  

Greg Duerdan - US Congressional 3rd District


  Cell - 801-970-1076 

Email - gcduerden@gmail.com 

 Website: http://www.gregorycduerden.us/

Gregory C. Duerden is the IAP Candidate for Utah Congressional seat for District 3. He is a Veteran, and has been a government watchdog for over 40 years. He is the father of six children, step-father of 12 more, grandfather of 72 (and counting), and great-grandfather of five (5 – and counting). These are the main reasons he is running, attempting to make the world a better place for his children.

To accomplish the goal of a better world, he believes the 15 Principles of Proper Government are the best steps to follow to make our federal and state governments 'Proper!' and functioning in a 'Proper!' manner for the good of the citizens, the children, the families and the rest of society.

More specifically, he also believes Utah's Public Integrity under the GOP 'Red Coats' is atrocious, and is a direct result of the way our current crop of 'Red Coats' govern. Utah's Public Intergrity grade, by a third-party group, was a D in 2012 and dropped to a D- for 2015 (with seven Fs). Utah should be leading the entire nation in Public Integrity NOT in the bottom 20% looking up!!

And that is not all! Cato Institute gave Utah a D grade for the state budget growth by almost seven percent (7%) in 2015 and by more than nine percent (9%) in 2016, for tax increasesand for the size of government, which has “soared under Herbert, growing a remarkable 20% since he took office in mid-2009,” as Cato documents.

What would you do if your child came home from school with an overall D grade or had multiple F grades? Wouldn't you ground them until their grades got better? But the voter's have short memories which is one reason the incumbants are returned to office. Remember these grades this year in Nov. when you go to vote and 'ground' those guys across the board!

During the 2017 Special Congressional Election campaign, John Curtis stated he is a 'conservative' and claims he cut the budget and the government in Provo 'using conservative principles.' NONE of which is true.

During his eight years as the Mayor of Provo the city budget continued to raise, by multiple millions of dollars. The FY2012 budget went up $44 million, FY2013 jumped $32.5 million, FY2014 added $19

million to the budget, FY2015 was a large jump of $95.6 million, FY2016 saw an increase of 'only' $25 million more . . . that info shows a bit of a trend, doesn't it!

Curtis is NOT a conservative! Would a conservative forgive a $1 million debt to NuSkin for 'buying' a one-block section of 100 West, between Center and 100 South, so they could build and expand a building over the street? He did!

He hasn't cut taxes in the city, but increased fees and taxes – he hasn't met a tax he hasn't loved to increase!! He didn't cut the size of city government! He hasn't lived by 'conservative' values and principles during his tenure as Provo's Mayor . . . a real conservative would have closed down the unconstitutional cable and internet service company Provo has had on his first day, rather than eventually selling it to Google for one dollar ($1).

Vote for better government, vote for a real conservative, Gregory C Duerden for Congress in District 3 on Nov. 6th

David Else - State House 40


Cell - 310-422-3875    
Email -  daelse49@gmail.com    


The Independent American party exists because the previous political system has become tied in the knots of its own creation. It is now nearly impossible for Amendment IX to function. “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” And the reality of Amendment X, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” has become hidden to mean mostly the people’s right to vote. I am David Else and am running for State House district 40 to show that the hearts of a free people who honestly choose liberty and the rule of law is the solution to the swamp of years of DemoRepublicrat created rules and regulations.

I am 69 years old. I was born in Southern California, have lived in five western states, visited thirty- eight, and have seven left to see. I love America from sea to shining sea, have walked the trails of the mountains and the coasts and believe in this land of the free and home of the brave. I was born in a non-religious family, came to know the existence of God for myself, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, served a mission and married and had children all by the age of 32. Most of my life I have worked for myself beginning very young. I graduated High School in Menlo Park, CA and came to Brigham Young University where I graduated in Drama and Theater Arts Acting with a minor in English and Theater History. I have been an Actor, Teacher, Carpenter, and self-employed contractor and independent business owner.

I currently live in Millcreek and do work restoring and renewing historical properties in the area. The purpose of the Independent American party is to work inside the bounds of the Constitution of the United States while finding solutions which are outside the rules and regulations of the traditional DemoRepublicrat system. Their solutions always are in the form of money. I see principles above money every time. The people of District 40 in Utah deserve a return on their investment; a return that gets them true representation in our State government and honest solutions that make the world a better place. Let us work together for independence and actively use our right to choose and protect liberty by having Government work for us. Vote for David Else Utah house district 40 in November. Remember Nobody ELSE does it better.

Aaron Heinman - State House 48


 cell (message only) -  801-290-8659    
email -  aaron.m.heineman@gmail.com    


I run for State House Representative District of 48 because I'm sick and tired of the "status quo" corruption that continue to infect the body politics and structures of Utah state government.

I am particular about dealing head-on with the corruption that affects Utah state legislature and present & future governorship, and the various offices that always abuse you, the taxpayers, for their self-enrichment with consolidated powers that is contrary to the state constitution and that disregards the ethos of "do unto others as they do unto you."

Utah state government should not be the playground to curry the corrupt favors as it happens too frequently with our state government that pretends to be conservative, yet upholds the establishment rules in seeking to control our facet of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness, which includes the right to gainful employment without obstacles of prejudice and unjust discrimination for self-sufficiency toward the idealized goal of happiness, without interference.

The past and current state of the Utah government reflects the selfish designs of its executives, overseers and lawmakers who prefer to listen to the special interests, and this lies in their excesses of concentrated control of our lives that violate liberty and the pursuit of happiness, even interfering with our very choices as it pertains to our paths of life.

I pledge to be the contrarian in standing up to the decrepitude of the establishment that affixes the status quo domination of this beautiful and tranquil state as the state continue to grapple with the increases in all areas, especially the demography that lends to the new crises such as housing and job.

Further, it must be said time and again, that Utah cannot, and should NEVER, endeavor to be "New California," with some regressive bills and existing laws that favor the illegal immigrants over the citizens and legal residents, pursuant to the religious and business organizations' demands. 

With my legislative proposals, anything relating to the dangerous and absurd ideas that have ruined California, with their current and recent laws, shall be attacked and repudiated, with my advocacy to enact the bills that asserts cooperation with the Federal government on the Supremacy Clause, in accordance with the spirit of the Utah state constitution, while also respecting and defending the state sovereignty rights as appropriate and permitted by the 9th and 10th Amendment.     

I reiterate: Utah is NOT California!

Yet, Utah -- through the selfish myopia and stupidity of the legislature controlled by the powers that be in the pockets of the lobbyists such as Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce -- is on the dangerous pathway to emulating California, with the retrogressive laws and ever-compounding corruption, while the lawmakers, including the governor(s), depend on the ignorance and apathy of the average and patriotic constituency they take for granted to abuse.

As the future legislator, I offer the cure with the proposed bills that will repeal the arcane & traitorous laws, such as HB 116 and SB 54, to preserve the saner Utah republic.

Gregory Hmura - State House 59


Cell -  801-669-1468    

Email -  greghmura@yahoo.com    

Tamara (Tammy) P. Long - Davis County Commissioner Seat A


Cell -  801-476-8602    
Email -  tamtj411@comcast.net    

Melvin A. Coonrod - Carbon County Commision/Surveyor


Cell -  435-650-3814    

Email -   EISEC@preciscom.net     

Jason Christensen - Utah County Clerk


Cell- 801-400-1488

Email - Jason@UtahIAP.com

 The reason why I am in the race to be your Utah County Clerk, is because I am tired of constant voter fraud within our County. After dealing with the clear voter fraud in 2017, I am also tired of the extreme ineptness of the office concerning elections. So I pledge if elected to literally clean house. To have all employees of the office to reapply for their jobs. To make it a standard that the office becomes legal experts in the election code of the State, and studies all new election code after every legislative session.

There is a bright side to having a clear Independent in this seat. For the reason of impartiality for all candidates and all political parties. This seat should be completely neutral for the reason being that it deals with election information and elections. Elections is the most fundamental right to correct our system of governance, if it is corrupted then the only other method would be revolution. Hence the importance for an Independent to become elected in order to set things right.  

Reed McCandless - Candidate for US Senate





Reed Clair McCandless, born in Dillon,  Montana and raised in Montana and Idaho, eventually moved to Utah.

There is a fierceness amongst farmers, and because he was raised on the family farm, he believes in Liberty and protection of the rights of United States Citizens.  Reed upholds family values that protect this way of life.

He refuses to believe that the corruption in the government can’t be ferreted out and the purity of our Constitution restored.

A former Republican, until 2014, whereupon he discovered the truth about 911.  He asks that you search for yourself.  World Trade Center building 7.

Curt Cosby - State House 27


Cell - 801-669-2211

email -  curt@libertyroundtable.com